Useful Tips to Make Summer Travel Easier

It’s Summertime! Traveling peaks for those who are venturing to vacation and to visit family and friends. There’s a thrill that can come with traveling and that is the anticipation of arriving at the destination. Whether it be a trip to a tropical oasis, a venture to a new country, or a visit to far-away family, traveling has no boundaries as to where you can go and how you can get there.

Regardless of the time of year, traveling is an inevitable thing. For those of us who are traveling distances that require flying, the preparation is a bit more extensive than a driving-distance trip. Even more so, additional planning is required for those of us who are not venturing to see our family, but are actually embarking on a long trip with our family. Larger groups can become a lot more to handle than simply going through the process of flying alone. There can be stress when relying on a large number of people to be at one place, on-time and prepared with the materials that they all need.

Colin Riccobon is the Public Information Officer at Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority (LNAA), the owner and operator of three airport systems, including Lehigh Valley International Airport. When it comes to traveling in larger groups, there are common issues that Riccobon has seen occur.

“Some large families may find seating is an issue if seats are not issued or assigned in advance,” he explains. “Many promotional fares are limited so that certain members may purchase tickets at different prices. Also, TSA screening issues may occur with larger groups.”

When traveling with others, more people increases the chances of more issues coming about, especially the issue of time sensitivity. Being early is a tip that Riccobon suggests for reassurance of a smooth airport experience.
“A simple way to ease any extra stress when traveling with a large group is to check in early,” he says.  “Industry standard recommends travelers arrive to the airport one and a half to two hours before their flight, leaving ample time for any unforeseen issues or delays.”

He also suggests visiting the TSA website for tips on the screening process. Also, Lehigh International Airport’s website offers a Travel Packing Tips page with information on the best methods to packing and what is acceptable. Proper packing is essential for  an easy boarding process at any airport.

At times, having a large group traveling together isn’t the only instance where having more leads to more concerns. Larger-sized airports also tend to present trying situations more so than smaller airports.
“There are several tips for air travelers as they prepare for what can be described at times as an overwhelming experience at larger airports,” says Riccobon.

When dealing with larger airports, Riccobon suggests the following tips to make things a bit easier when the time comes:
·    Check the airline website – this will help provide any information on potential delays or cancellations.
·    Download the airline app – all the information you
    need at your fingertips.
·    Check in prior to coming to the airport.
·    Pre-pay for airline services as much as possible.
·    Have documents for any pets traveling.
·    Allow for sufficient time with TSA and check-in.
·    Get question answered prior to coming to the airport – contact your airline.

There is one final tip that Riccobon suggests and feels is one of the biggest steps a passenger can take prior to arriving to the airport.
“The most important advice for travelers is that each airline has a Frequently Asked Questions on their website,” says Riccobon.  “Checking with your airline is the best practice when you have questions or concerns.”

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