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What’s New:

As a pastry chef, Colleen has spent the last eight years meticulously crafting once-in-a-lifetime cakes for clients, majestic towering cakes with over-the-top designs. But the business had only been appointment-only for such orders, which left many hungry customers in the area craving a taste of her cakes. She decided to do something different and expand the business from the big and bold to the bite-sized.

Colleen and Terry didn’t want to just serve run-of-the-mill coffee with her cupcakes however. So they invested in top-of-the-line French press and espresso machines. Not knowing the intricacies of brewing, Terry and his son went to New York City to be trained as baristas and came back schooled in all things coffee.

“There’s so much that goes into coffee that people don’t realize,” explained Terry. “We had to have a water purification system installed so we take as many chemicals out as possible. Our coffees are Brazilian-grown, it’s a higher quality coffee to go with the speciality cupcakes.” Terry describes the flavor as more fulfilling and sweeter to pair well with a dessert.

And speaking of pairings, the couple went to great lengths to match cupcake flavors, like Bear Swamp (Chocolate Buttercream) and Nutty Professor (Chocolate Peanut Butter) with the best coffee choices for each flavor — it’s a Chocolate Cafe Latte for both of these cupcake flavors.

What to Try:

Buy a pairing and get a to-go carton that’s shaped like the Piece ‘a Cake cake truck with a cupcake inside. Terry says his favorite is the Lemon drop, a vanilla cake that has the centered scooped out and filled with a raspberry purée topped with lemon icing. We sampled the Pink Flamingo, adorned with a fondant flamingo, it’s a vanilla cake with a fluffy, light, fruity raspberry icing.  Every cupcake is made from scratch using the same recipe base of milk, butter and eggs as their wedding cakes.

Fun Facts:

Take the Cake will be offering seasonal cupcakes, with new flavors being planned for each month.
The family taste-tested their coffee against fast-food coffee. Their coffee won every time. They also bring home samples of new flavors to test them before they debut at the store.
People looking in the window, watching Colleen decorate cakes, is what inspired the retail shop’s creation.

The Scoop:

When you think of food pairings, what usually comes to mind is matching wine with dinner. Colleen and Terry Laky, owners of  the Macungie custom cakery, Piece ‘a Cake thought of something a little sweeter — pairing specialty cupcakes and french-pressed coffee — and their retail business Take the Cake, which just hosted its grand opening, was born.


To achieve a light and whippy icing, Colleen uses meringue in her cupcake frostings.
When ordering, follow the infographic menu that deconstructs each cupcake.

Take the Cake @ Piece ‘a Cake
Open Friday-Sunday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
18 E. Main St., Macungie, pieceacakellc.com


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