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Benchmark Media is a company that strives to positively impact our community by providing readers compelling and credible editorial, quality artistic ability and innovative media. With a committed and compassionate staff, we serve customers and readers with integrity and foster a place where professionalism and personal growth is encouraged.

Our Staff

Darwin Oordt, CEO/President

Darcy Oordt, Director of Operations

Violetta Chlaifer, Director of Business Finance

Account Executives

Sherry Slabinski

Chris Aloia, ext.1003

Jo Ann Shover, ext.1004

Chad Overbaugh, ext.1008


Graphics/Production Director:
Shawn Skvarna, ext.131

Graphic Designer:
Sean Dehoff, ext.116

Director of Custom Publishing:
Jim Laverty



Corporate Office

3400 N. 6th St.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
Phone (717) 233-0109