Nominated? Upgrade Your Listing

All nominees have the opportunity to enhance their listing on the ballot. Enhanced listings provide additional features by showing your business’ address, contact info, and direct links to your social media pages. The cost is $75 per category.

By enhancing your listing on the ballot, you will provide our readers with the following information:

  • 800x600px Photo (Landscape)
  • Brief summary of your business (150 words max)
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter handle

Enhanced listings are a feature that our new platform allows us to offer. It gives businesses a chance to promote themselves. Enhanced listings are listed at the beginning and then a second time at the bottom where all nominees are listed alphabetically.

Nominees are not required to purchase an enhanced listing in order to win. All nominees have addresses listed provided addresses are listed in Google Business. Enhanced listings is a feature offered by Second Street that we are passing on to our customers as we feel it will provide our readers with valuable information. The fee helps us cover the cost of the platform as well as the time it takes us to input this information.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below or go to This Page: